1. Rosamund Pike

  2. Elizabeth Olsen

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  3. Jane Fonda - Barbarella

  4. Pink gun

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    Shot by Ted Emmons 

    Model: Alejandra

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  6. Stylé


    The phantasmagorical and surreal animal sculptures by Canadian artist Ellen Jewett. Between dream and nightmare, some strange creations born of a symbiosis between organic and mechanical elements, a meeting between fantasy, gothic and steampunk. Some very detailed sculptures in clay on a metal frame.

    Visit her website at http://www.creaturesfromel.ca/

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    In December we pretended it was Spring for a day in Los Angeles, shooting for Nordstrom BP up in the Malibu hills. The campaign is now online, and I put a few of the images I shot up on my website

    ©Lauren Randolph

  8. Quand je serai vieux, je veux être Jeff Bridges #FILF

  9. Bon weekend à tous ! cc @Chaufforeille



    Chad Suicide is a babe.

    Dekker Photography

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    Lauren Young and Bryden Jenkins by Kassia Meador

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